Arborist - Mark Steinberg

Resistograph® - Tree Risk Assessment & Diagnosis

News "Grand Tree removal (Live Oaks over 24” in diameter at breast height) will now generally require a RESISTOGRAPH test with the arborist report."
Sarasota City Commission - Tree protection regulation, July 5, 2016.


We have the latest electronically controlled drill resistance measurement tool. Our extensive experience and use of the latest arboricultural technologies qualify us to offer the best diagnosis tree services in the west coast of Florida.

Mark Steinberg

Computer Controlled

It is often not easy to detect the inner condition of trees and wooden structures.

The NEW RESISTOGRAPH® series 6 has been designed to drill the hardest tropical trees and palms at the speed required for a perfect measurement and diagnosis.

How Resistograph® Works?

A thin and long fine drill needle is driven into wood.

The drill upon retracting, cauterizes itself avoiding any damage of the tree.

Scaled Measurement

The penetration resistance of the drill needle is measured, synchronously scaled printed, and stored in the unit's internal memory.

Arborist's Analysis

The quality of the wood can be assessed by the resulting charts and the data could be transfer to a PC later and evaluate it with the DECOM™ software.



Street, Park and Forest Trees

* Detection of decay, cavities and cracks.

* Determination of the wood quality

Construction Timber, Poles, Bridges, Wood Structures, Boats, Playground Equipment

* Wood inspection

* Determination of wood quality

* Detection of cracks, cavities, decay

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