Tomography- Tree Diagnosis

"Acoustic or Stress Wave Tomography is a non-destructive measurement method for the visualization of the structural integrity of a solid object. It is being used to test the preservation of wood."


For tomography diagnosis we use this novel impulse tomography unit that enables a quick and precise inside view of the condition of trees and round wood.

We can visualize how large are the hidden decays, invisible cavities, and cracks.

Mark Steinberg

Computer Controlled

The ARBOTOM® Tree Tomograph is an instrument for tree risk assessment and wood quality evaluation. It provides an impression of the inner condition of a tree in very little time. It is used in the process of tree risk assessment as well as timber inspection.

How Arbotom® Works?

The unit is connected to a computer via bluetooth.

One by one, the sensors around the tree measure the time it takes an impulse to travel through the wood and reach the other sensors.


Stress waves travel through sound wood faster than through damaged wood. The collected data is simultaneously sent to a computer which will turn the data into a colored image of the tree’s cross-section.

Arborist's Analysis

The Arbotom data is analized and interpreted. The measurement results are clearly visualized in a graphic form that shows the healthy and weakest zones, and the areas with the lowest residual wall thickness of the tree.



* Detection of cracks, cavities and decay

* Determining the safety of trees.

* Measuring the wood quality of trunks and round wood.

* Detecting root injury or construction damage.

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